Thai Spas are the traditional Thai way of preserving wellbeing, curing ailments and refreshing the body; promoting the balance of a healthy body and mind, unique points of Traditional Thai Massage:

Thai Massage is for health, to improve circulation, ease tensions from the body and spirit and at the same time to bestow of feeling of peace and ease.

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The Benefits of Thai Massage

Preventive medicine

Eases stiffness, improves circulation of the whole body & carries oxygen & nourishment to each cell & encourages self healing. Help to sleep better at night, good to combat depression.

Differences from other massage.

1. Takes 1-3 hours depending on the needs of the body massages the WHOLE BODY slowly & relaxingly. Feet, legs, arms, waist, back, shoulder, neck and face. 2. Starts from a foot by pressing the sole, it stimulates muscles, blood vessel, and the nervous system. Legs aere called "second heart", and the reason is that the legs cover 2 thirds of the muscles & play a role as pump sending back blood to the heart again. 3. Stretching The Traditional thai massage is often called "yoga by two" The characteristic of the TTM would be stretching which are acrobatic & bold.

Facts When you feel uncomfortable you touch, rub, and massage that part instinctively. This action performed unconsciously can date back to human evolution. Not only the human being but also many mammals rub thier hands and feet by themselves and relive wounds. But we human being organized these actions in long time, and a current massage developed. TTM is often operated in a state similar to meditation. Meditation means to relax ones mind without thinking anything, released from any daily distrations.